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Law Offices of Tony M. Seyfi, during nineteen years of practice in Los Angeles county, has successfully defended in excess of 3000 criminal defense matters many of which have resulted in jury trials. Our success rate in plea negotiations has been excellent. There have been literally hundreds of criminal matters in Los Angeles and surrounding counties that have been resolved by lawyer-negotiated pleas favorable to our clients’ position. Our lawyers have developed a very good reputation with the investigating officers and district attorneys during the period of our criminal law practice.

The following are examples of cases we have handled and the areas of criminal defense we have covered.

Attempted Murder in a Gang Shooting In East Los Angeles court

A family man was accused of attempted murder with assault. The prosecution claimed the victim had been shot twice, battered, assaulted with a gun and injured. The defendant stated that he was the victim of mistaken identity. Eventually, a misdemeanor deal was worked out, with community service in lieu of jail.

Forcible Rape in Los Angeles CCB court

Our client, a businessman, was accused of seducing and then raping a girl he was about to hire for modeling. We were able to stop the forcible rape charges from being filed by conducting investigation and communicating with the investigating officer. The client was ultimately released and no charges were filed.

White-Collar Crime in West Covina Court

We have handled many white collar crime cases involving check and credit card fraud, insurance fraud, grand theft, and forgery. In each of these cases, Mr. Seyfi worked out alternative resolutions that helped his clients stay out of jail or prison, and in many of the cases, no criminal charges were ever filed.

Indecent Exposure in Santa Monica

In this sexual indecent exposure case, our client was accused of indecent exposure for exposing his private parts to an undercover officer. The evidence included clear statements from the victim. After many day-long negotiations with the prosecutors the matter was ultimately settled for disturbing the peace eliminating the need for lifetime registration as a sex offender.

Child Sexual Abuse in Los Angeles Court

Our client, a property manager was accused of child sexual abuse for sexually molesting a seven-year-old girl and was charged with the crime. The client claimed innocence in this sex crime case. Numerous witnesses, including expert witnesses testified in favor of the prosecution, who believed he had a slam-dunk case. After a week-long jury trial, a not guilty verdict was reached. Our client was acquitted.

Possession of Firearm In Los Angeles court

This was a multi-defendant matter in the CCB court. Our client was facing 5 years of state prison time for being a felon with a firearm possession of a rifle and weapons charges. Client didn’t want to accept a deal. Client pled not guilty and we took the case to jury trial. After a one-week trial, the jury found the defendant not guilty on all counts.

Multiple Burglary Charges in Compton Court

Our client was charged with 7 counts of felony commercial burglary and was facing substantial time in custody. We arranged for his release on bail. Then we prepared all the necessary documents to be able to sit at negotiation table with the prosecutors. Ultimately we obtained a no jail offer and the prosecutor reduced the charges to one count of misdemeanor. Client never got a felony and never did any time in custody.

Soliciting Prostitution in Hollywood Superior Court

Client was charged with talking to an undercover officer and soliciting rostitution while driving his vehicle with a friend. The prosecution was not willing to negotiate a desirable plea bargain. The matter proceeded to jury trial. A not guilty verdict was reached.

Possession of Narcotics in CCB Court

Client charged with narcotics possession for sale facing 3 years in state prison. After a motion to suppress the evidence, felony charges were dropped.

Federal Narcotics Transportation and Distribution In Los Angeles Federal court

Client was charged with multiple drug charges in federal court for federal drug crimes and transportation. We arranged for him to be released on property bond and then we obtained a favorable plea bargain whereby he did minimal time in custody.

Attempted Child Rape in Santa Ana Court

Client was charged with multiple counts of child sexual abuse. The initial offer was 8 years in prison. We had to continue fighting the case by vigorously investigating the case for over 6 months. The case was settled for 1 year in county jail and our client was released shortly thereafter.

Hit and Run In Los Angeles Metro Court

Client was charged with hit and run for fleeing the scene of an accident. With the assistance of Attorney Tony M. Seyfi, client received a deferred entry of judgment with full restitution. The matter was considered a civil action and all criminal charges were dismissed.

Battery and Assault in Los Angeles CCB court

Client was arrested and charged with assault and simple battery for beating up a school student. Client claimed innocence. Numerous witnesses testified for the prosecution at the jury trial. With the expertise and skills of attorney Tony M. Seyfi, the jury found client not guilty.

Robbery in Van Nuys Court

Client was charged with 4 counts of robbery facing 10 years or more in state prison. At jury trial, one co-defendant pled guilty and received 19 years in state prison. Our client proceeded to jury trial. During jury trial, the prosecution offered to settle our client’s case. An agreement was reached and our client received time served and was immediately released.

Vehicular Manslaughter in San Fernando Court

Client was involved in a hit-and-run incident and while fleeing the scene of the accident got involved in a second accident causing the death of two individuals. The client was charged with vehicular manslaughter and was emotionally devastated by the deaths and the crimes charged against him. The matter proceeded to jury trial. During trial, the matter was settled for limited jail time for our client.

Weapons, Illegal Discharge of Firearm in Long Beach court

Client was prosecuted for possession of an assault weapon and discharging a firearm at an inhabited place was facing 12 years in state prison. Before the start of Jury Trial, prosecution retreated and offered out client time served with probation. Client accepted the offer and did absolutely no jail time.

Insurance Fraud in Los Angeles Court

Client was facing numerous counts of check and insurance fraud. Attorney Tony M. Seyfi successfully negotiated with the investigating officer whereby criminal charges would not be filed. On other occasions, where charges were actually filed, Attorney Tony M. Seyfi has been able to work out sentences where the client did not serve any jail time.

Juvenile Matters in Los Angeles

Attorney Tony M. Seyfi has been extremely successful in handling many juvenile matters and has helped them return home to their parents. Some were facing serious charges like attempted murder or intercourse with a minor, or violation of probation. Mr. Seyfi successfully negotiated with the court whereby a Juvenile client charged was placed on home detention, or a short term sentence in juvenile hall was ordered.

Expungement of Criminal Records in all Courts in Southern California

Our firm has assisted many individuals in the expungement of their past criminal records. Cleaning your past criminal convictions depends upon many different factors. It is important to talk to a lawyer that is skilled in matters pertaining to expungement.

Felony DUI with Major injuries

Tony Seyfi has handled more than 500 DUI cases many of which have been felony DUI and some with major injuries, including broken bones, loss of a limb, major cuts and bruises, or back injuries. Defending a felony DUI with injuries requires specialized knowledge and it is not every criminal lawyer’s specialty. Mr. Seyfi having done so many DUI cases in California is the one you can trust and rely on if you want an aggressive defense to a major DUI case.

Possession for Sales in Pasadena Court

Mr. Seyfi a Criminal Attorney in LA has successfully fought possession for sale and drug manufacturing charges prompting the district attorney to dismiss all charges against our client. This became possible by filing Pitchess motion and motion to suppress evidence and confessions and obtaining a favorable ruling from the judge. Often times, law enforcement search a home or a car without a valid warrant. In multiple cases we have been able to file a motion to quash a search warrant since the warrant was either defective or based on an invalid or insufficient affidavit that was lacking probable cause.

Domestic Violence Felony Charges

Client charged with domestic violence, Kidnapping, Vandalism, and obstruction of justice, all as felonies. Felony was reduced to misdemeanor and client could petition to the court to dismiss case after one year. Immigration issues and employment concerns were all resolved.

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