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Alibi Defense – Criminal Lawyers in Los Angeles

Alibi is a type of defense that your lawyer may present to show you were not at the crime scene at the time it occurred. Your attorney will present evidence of your whereabouts on the day of and the time of the incident to show that you could not possibly have committed the crime.

For example, if you were working when the crime occurred, your time cards may be used. If you were out of town at the time, surveillance footages, credit card receipts, or photos taken with date and time stamp may show that you were in fact not in town and not at the crime scene.

It is not necessary for the defendant to testify to prove an alibi defense. Witnesses, documents, and video clips can be used instead. Your attorney may be able to bring in witnesses to testify that they were with you at a different location and you could not have been the one committing the crime. Obviously, the witnesses would have to be prepared by your lawyer for their testimony to make sure they will be believable and credible.

The jury may consider the relationship between the witness who is testifying and the defendant. If the witness is your mother, girlfriend, wife or a close relative, it is less likely the jury will consider the testimony credible than if your co-worker or a stranger is testifying.

Alibi is only one of the defenses that may be presented in your defense. Your experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles may still present evidence of other defenses you may have.

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