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What are the requirements to get a Carry Concealed Weapon or CCW permit in California?

To get a Carry Concealed Weapon or CCW in California:

You must be a resident of the county or in a city within the county or you spend a substantial amount of time at your place of business or employment which is located in the county or in a city within the county.

–  You must be of good moral character.

–  You must have a good cause for needing to carry a weapon.

–  You must have completed an approved firearm training class.

–  You must not be convicted of any felony or specific misdemeanor conviction.

–  You must not be addicted to drugs.

–  You must not be subject to a restraining order.

–  You must not be mentally ill.

The application process can be lengthy and there are a number of restrictions on where you can carry a concealed weapon. For more information, please consult with a qualified attorney.

What are the penalties for carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) without a permit in California?

The penalties for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit in California are:

–  A misdemeanor conviction can result in up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

–  A felony conviction can result in up to three years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

–  In addition to the criminal penalties, you may also lose your right to own or possess a firearm.

It is important to note that the penalties for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit can be more severe if you have a prior conviction for a felony or a violent misdemeanor.


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How can a Los Angles criminal defense attorney help you fight a CCW without a permit charge?

A Los Angeles criminal defense attorney can help you fight a CCW without a permit charge by:

–  Investigating the facts of your case and determining whether there are any legal defenses available.

–  Representing you in court and negotiating with the prosecution for a favorable outcome.

–  If necessary, taking your case to trial and presenting evidence in your defense.

A criminal defense attorney can also help you understand the potential consequences of a conviction and explore your options for reducing or avoiding penalties.

Is carrying a concealed weapon without a permit a felony or a misdemeanor in California?

In California, under Penal Code 25400, possession or carrying a concealed weapon or firearm on one’s person or in a vehicle may be filed as a misdemeanor or a felony. If a weapon is used in connection with another crime such as robbery, kidnapping, child abuse, or rape, the charge may be a felony strike and penalties may be substantially enhanced.

If a convicted felon is found in possession of a weapon, he may be charged with a felony. If the firearm was loaded or was actually fired during the commission of a crime, additional enhancements may apply.

What defenses are available to CCW without a permit?

Although a serious crime, there are numerous defenses available to concealing a weapon or a gun. If you have been arrested for this charge and you have a license for your gun, there may be ways to reduce the charge or dismiss it. Our Los Angeles defense attorneys will present all possible defenses on your behalf in order to save you from going to jail or from having a criminal record.

Criminal prosecution can affect your health, freedom, employment, and social life. You need help and you need the best criminal defense you can get. At the Law Offices of Tony M. Seyfi, with the state of the art computerized legal research tools and forensic techniques, we will focus on identifying the defenses you may have and will develop numerous challenges to any crime possible.

Our goal is victory for our clients and to keep them from going to jail, and we are confident of our defense strategies. If you would like to discuss your case, call us today for a FREE CONSULTATION and case analysis.

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