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In California, manufacturing may be charged as a state or a federal criminal offense.

Under California’s Health and Safety Code 11379.6, it is illegal to manufacture, convert, produce, obtain, process or prepare a controlled substance by chemical extraction or chemical synthesis. Maufacturing could also lead to charges bing filed for Possession for Sale of narcotics.

Defenses to Manufacturing Drugs:

The prosecution must show that you “intended” to manufacture drugs. Simple possession of narcotics or other substances may not be sufficient proof of intent to manufacture. Police in these case usually find and confiscate equipment and ingredients commonly used to manufacture drugs which tend to prove criminal intent.

Other defenses may include illegal search and seizure of the drugs or contraband, Illegal arrest, invalid search or arrest warrant, mistaken identity as to the true perpetrator, unreliability of the informant, Miranda violations, and finally hearsay problems and technical issues with a sting operation which led to your arrest.

Mitigating Factors in defending Manufacturing Charges:

The court may consider whether you had a major or minor role in the crime in deciding your punishment. Two defendants both convicted of this crime may get different sentences depending on their criminal background and the role they played in the commission of the crime. Another factor is the quantity of drugs. For small quantities, court may consider no jail. If the case involves a large operation with extensive amount of drugs or narcotics, one’s sentence could be 5 years or more.

One of the most serious drug charges in California is the manufacture of narcotics such as cocaine and meth. Without the help of a criminal defense attorney experienced in Federal drug manufacturing cases in LA, if you have been arrested in California and accused that drugs are transported between state lines or taken out of the country, you could be charged with a federal crime and sentenced to substantial jail time depending on the quantity of the drugs involved. If guns are found in association with the drug manufacturing activities or if conspiracy is alleged, penalties could be further enhanced.

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The good news is that with the help of a trained and aggressive Federal criminal defense attorney who is familiar with California Courts and a drug case and the Los Angeles Federal court system and the judges, you may have a pretty good chance of winning these cases all together or to substantially reduce the jail time. Search and seizure motions to dismiss are common in these types of cases and must be tried by any prudent criminal defense attorney. For a free consultation,CALL 866-533-3363

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