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Extortion is defined as obtaining money or attempting to obtain pecuniray gain from another by the use of force, threat of force, or intimidation against the victim or his immediate family. Extortion is generally filed as a felony and may be filed in Federal Court. Extortion Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles Pasadena Van Nuys Glendale Burbank Long Beach LAX

Defenses to Extortion

A common defense to extortion is that the defendant did not use force or threat of force on the alleged victim. Defendant may assert that he may have been aggressive in his demand for money but did not use unlawful force. It can also be shown that the defendant did not intend to intimidate the victim, or that he did not make any direct threats to the victim or anyone related to him. Defendant could also argue that his threat if any was an empty threat and conditional upon an impossible event. This could be demonstrated by the conduct or indifference of the alleged victim upon hearing the threat. Furthermore, the defense attorney can show that the victim had a pre-existing relationship with the defendant and had a motive to lie and should not be believed about the fact that he was threatened or intimidated. For a free consultation, CALL NOW 213-252-1000

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