Prescription Fraud

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Have you been charged with Prescription Fraud? We are a team of experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys and can
aggressively defend you in all Southern California courts including Los Angeles, Pasadena, Van Nuys, El Monte, LA,
Long Beach, and LAX.

Prescription fraud could be committed by youngsters, the elderly, drug addicts, and drug dealers when they obtain or
attempt to fill a prescription that wasn’t prescribed to them. The crime is committed if there individuals present
fraudulent notes or prescriptions from a doctor stating that they need more pills, or fraudulently represent to the
pharmacy that they have more refills.

Conviction of prescription fraud may result in jail time, fines or both. Your defense attorney may be able to
recommend and arrange a drug treatment facility instead. The crime could also be fought if lack of intent to defraud
or mistake of fact could be shown and proven.

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Criminal prosecution can affect your health, freedom, employment, and social life. You need help and you need the
best criminal defense you can get. At the Law Offices of Tony M. Seyfi, with the state of the art computerized legal
research tools and forensic techniques, we will focus on identifying the defenses you may have and will develop
numerous challenges to any crime possible.

Our goal is victory for our clients and to keep them from going to jail, and we are confident of our defense
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