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We are a top criminal defense law firm with a team of experienced attorneys handling solicitation and soliciting prostitution cases in all California courts including Los Angles, Pasadena, Glendale, Van Nuys, San Fernando, and El Monte.

In Los Angeles, Soliciting Prostitution, solicitation, prostitution, pandering and pimping, if charged for the first time are often misdemeanors in the State of California. Prostitution occurs when a person receives or agrees to receive payment for sexual intercourse or any other sexual act.

it is also illegal to ask another person to engage in intercourse or a sexual act in exchange for money. This is referred to as “Solicitation of Prostitution”.

Defenses to Prostitution and Solicitation

Numerous defenses are available to a Prostitution or Solicitation charge. An experienced attorney must carefully examine the case to find out what particular defenses must be asserted and argued.

“Entrapment and Lack of intent”

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One common defense to Prostitution or Solicitation is “Entrapment or lack of intent”. Here, defendant asserts that he either did not engage in Prostitution or Solicitation or if he did, it was because he was in essence forced to do it. Entrapment means that the defendant was not predisposed to commit Prostitution or Solicitation, and but for the conduct or express request of the undercover officer, he would not have agreed to engage in Prostitution or Solicitation. Defense of a Prostitution or Solicitation case is very case specific and is based on the conversation that took place between the defendant and generally an undercover officer. For a free consultation, CALL NOW 213-252-1000

Criminal prosecution can affect your health, freedom, employment, and social life. You need help and you need the best criminal defense you can get. At the Law Offices of Tony M. Seyfi, with the state of the art computerized legal research tools and forensic techniques, we will focus on identifying the defenses you may have and will develop numerous challenges to any crime possible.

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