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Criminal defense lawyers help defend charges of aiding and abetting in robbery, assault, gang shooting, gang fights, assault and battery cases.

Under California Penal Code 31, aiding and abetting usually happens in cases where there is more than one perpetrator. Some robberies occur by a group of individuals. Sometimes one of the alleged persons involved may claim that he did not participate in the crime and that he was merely present and witnessed the incident. With the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney, you may be able to establish this defense and get all charged against you dropped.

Mere presence at the scene of the crime can not be charged as a crime. Encouragement of the perpetrators of the crime by words or any action could suffice to be counted in as an aider to the crime. It is not necessary that the intent to assist be communicated to the person who is actively committing the crime. Sometimes positioning of the suspect in relation with the victim could amount to aiding and abetting, since the victim’s escape path could have been blocked.

Gang cases often involve the charge of aiding and abetting. This is because gang members generally engage fellow gang members in the planning and commission of a crime. It is not uncommon to see that a gang member simply stood by when another gang member shot the victim, or assaulted or battered the victim. In these circumstances, the prosecution will attempt to prove gang affiliation and association as a method to prove that the silent member must also be held responsible for the completed crime.

If the target crime is of a serious nature and you are being held responsible using the aiding and abetting theory, you must contact a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in these kinds of crimes.

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