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Federal Money laundering is generally regarded as the practice of engaging in financial transactions to conceal the identity, source, or destination of illegally gained money by which the proceeds of crime are converted into assets which appear to have a legitimate origin. Money laundering occurs over a period of three steps: the first involves the physical distribution of the cash (“placement”), the second involves carrying out complex financial transactions in order to camouflage the illegal source (“layering”), and the final step entails acquiring wealth generated from the transactions of the illicit funds (“integration”).

Federal Money laundering could be committed by private individuals, drug dealers, businesses, corrupt officials, members of criminal organizations such as the Mafia, and even states.

As financial crime has become more complex, and “Financial Intelligence” (FININT) has become more recognized in combating international crime and terrorism, money laundering has become more prominent in political, economic, and legal debate. Money laundering is ipso facto illegal; the acts generating the money almost always are themselves criminal in some way.

Money obtained by an illegal action is not, of itself, laundered money in most jurisdictions. The laundering offense comes from the attempt to conceal its source, not because the transaction was itself illegal (which is a separate offence).


A skilled criminal defense attorney could fight the charge of money laundering on many grounds including but not limited to the following:

1. Money although obtained by an illegal action was not, of itself, laundered money

2. Mere possession of the proceeds of any money by itself doesn’t establish a money laundering offense

3. The suspect never attempted to conceal the source of the money to constitute laundering

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