Parole Violation

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One who is released from a California State Prison after serving a certain period of time is generally released on parole. This is similar to probation, except that the rules and the consequences are a bit more severe.

Once you have been assigned a California Department of Corrections number or a CDC number, you will be closely watched even after you are released from state prison. You may be released only on the condition that you will not violate any laws and that you shall not have any new arrests, and if you do, you could be brought back to state prison for up to one year for each violation, however minor the new violation may be.

Parole boards decide the fate of a prisoner in the case of an alleged violation. This may be in addition to any penalties you may face as a result of the new offense. One who is on parole may also be at a disadvantage in the eyes of the filing prosecutor who must make a decision whether to file charges based on a new alleged violation or offense.

If you are on parole for a strike offense, matters may be worse since the filing deputy district attorney may not have too much sympathy for you specially if the newly occurred alleged offense involved some type of violence. It is critical that you immediately contact an experienced criminal defense attorney if you suspect you may be in violation of your parole, or if you have had a new arrest while on parole.

There are numerous methods of fighting and negotiating with the prosecutor and the judge to achieve your desired outcome. Do not take parole violation lightly. Contact your lawyer now if you are facing a violation.CALL NOW 213-252-1000

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