Sexual Abuse Defense Los Angeles 213-252-1000

Sexual Abuse Defense Los Angeles 213-252-1000

Sexual Abuse Defense Los Angeles 213-252-1000

Have you been arrested in Los Angeles county and charged with Child Sexual Abuse or Molestation or a sex crime under California Penal Code 261 PC 261.5 PC, 288 PC, 288.1 PC, 288.3 PC, 288.5 PC, 289 PC? Contact the most aggressive Sex Crime Attorney in Los Angeles. Do you believe you are falsely accused of this serious crime? Do you believe the alleged victim’s allegations of child molestation are false? Are you intimidated by judges and courts and worried about going to jail? Are you worried about sex registration under Penal Code 290 or 290 PC? Tony M. Seyfi, esq. has extensive experience in defending “False Accusation of Child Abuse or False Allegation of Child Molestation“. At the law offices of criminal defense lawyer Tony M. Seyfi, you will be well informed about your rights and you will be best guided with precision as to the steps you need to take before you go to court. Our attorneys are aggressive and have extensive experience in handling sexual abuse and child sexual abuse matters in all Southern California and Los Angeles county courts, so you will be aggressively represented and using our experience we will do what it takes to keep you from going to jail and losing your job. WE CAN HELP. For Best Advice, Call Now 213-252-1000

Tony M. Seyfi is an aggressive defense attoney for lewd act with a minor, and an experienced sexual battery defense lawyer in Los Angeles and all Southern California courts with 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE. In some misdemeanor cases, you may not even need to go to court, so you will save time, money, and the aggravation of court procedures.

We will take your case to a jury trial to win it. Or if you prefer to plea bargain your case or dismiss your case, we can fashion a proper defense to help you get your sex crime CHARGES REDUCED or DISMISSED, and can MINIMIZE YOUR FINES, if any. We will also visit the inmate, if your loved one or your spouse is in jail. We can CLEAN your criminal record and expunge your past arrest records.

We will INFORM YOU OF YOUR RIGHTS in a sex crime case, so you will know what is the best possible resolution in your case. An experienced sex crime attorney will always be there to answer your questions. We are aggressive in court, yet friendly in explaining to you the progress in your case.

And most importantly, we have THE LOWEST FEES IN Los Angeles with no strings attached! Optional PAYMENT PLANS are also available. Are you falsely accused of a sex crime? Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. For a Free Consultation and Case Analysis, Call Now 213-252-1000

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